Recently appeared in print
An article, co-authored with Debora de Block, that addresses the challenges related to transforming qualitative into quantitative data in Qualitative Comparative Analysis has just been accepted for publication in Journal of Mixed Methods research.

An article discussing and reviewing the heuristics used by political elites in their judgment and decision making has just been published in Political Studies Review.

And in a study recently published in Political Communication, Mariken van der Velden, Gijs Schumacher and I use press releases issued by Dutch political parties to assess whether they change their platform in anticipation of electoral losses, or in a response to already experienced losses.

Amsterdam University Press in their series Elementaire Deeltjes;

an article examining whether politicians take risks similar to the rest of us (short answer: yes, they do), written with Jona Linde, has just been published in Political Psychology.

Book for a wider audience
with Kees van Kersbergen.

Verzorgingsstaat (12K)

Edited volume
with Rudy Andeweg, for the 65th anniversary of the Dutch Political Science Association (NKWP).

NKWP_bundel (28K)

My latest mongraph
with Kees van Kersbergen (Cambridge University Press, 2014).
Scheduled to appear in Korean in 2019.